Safeguarding Policy



MARCH 2023 


Who we are

We are Sligo Youth Choral Festival.

Our contact details are:
We are hosting the Sligo Youth Choral Festival in November.

Nature of Service

Sligo Youth Choral Festival hosts choral competitions in November. The festival aims to promote and celebrate musical excellence and quality performances, while providing artistic encouragement to all the participants. Each choir member is accompanied to the competition and is under the supervision and care of their parent/guardian/teacher/choir director for the duration of the competition.
The competitions provide an opportunity for participants, in a friendly and supportive environment, to showcase their talent and improve their standard of performance. Adjudicators provide constructive feedback and written commentary to all choirs to encourage and advance their musical growth.

Principles to Safeguard Children

It is the role of Sligo Youth Choral Festival organising committee and volunteers to provide a safe environment and to promote the safety of children and young adults participating in the festival competitions. Our policy applies to all committee members and volunteers and we will review our policy and child safeguarding procedures every two years or sooner if necessary due to service issues or changes in legislation or national policy.

Risk Assessment

We have carried out an assessment of any potential for harm to a child/young adult while availing of our services. Below is a list of the areas of risk identified and the list of procedures for minimising these risks:

  • Choir workshop 
  • Post Primary School Choir Competitions
  • Youth Choir Competitions


Procedures in place to minimise risk

The attention of all committee members and volunteers is drawn to the following:

Committee members and volunteers will be offered appropriate Child Safeguarding Training.

Committee members and volunteers will all wear Sligo Youth Choral Festival identifying badges.

Committee members and volunteers will ensure that there are always an adequate number of adults present at all competitions…at least two at all times and of mixed gender.

Committee members and volunteers will act in an open and visible manner. When privacy is required, they will refer the matter to the parent/guardian/teacher/choir director accompanying the child/young adult at the competition.

Committee members and volunteers will be aware of what is appropriate physical contact. They will not engage in “horseplay” or “fun activities” with children or young adults as this could lead to a suggestion of inappropriate touching.

Committee members and volunteers will keep conversations with children/young adults at an appropriate level. They will never become over involved with any one young person and will avoid jokes of a sexual or inappropriate nature.

Our Child Safeguarding Statement has been developed in line with requirements under the Children First Act 2015, Children First: National Guidance for the Protection and Welfare of Children (2017), and Tusla’s Child Safeguarding: A Guide for Policy, Procedure and Practice.


We recognise that implementation is an on-going process. 
Sligo Youth Choral Festival is committed to the implementation of this Child Safeguarding Statement and the procedures that support our intention to keep children safe from harm while availing of our service.

Contact Details

Our Designated Liaison Person is: 
Edel Murray - +353 (0)87 283 6406

Our Deputy Designated Liaison Person is:
Berna Kavanagh - +353 (0) 86 882 7536

Sligo Gardaí+353 (0) 71 915 7000

Tusla Sligo Dedicated Contact Points: +353 (0) 71 915 5133